Colourful Outdoor Planters for Winter

Most of us think that colorful outdoor planters are for spring and summer. With days getting shorter and weather getting cooler, don’t we wish to be surrounded by vibrant colors and greens even more?

There may be less flowers to choose from, but even in very cold climates, nature has plenty to offer. We can create gorgeous outdoor planters from plants, cuttings, or a mixture of both!

How to create colorful winter outdoor planters and beautiful Christmas planters with plant cuttings and decorative elements that last for a long time! - A Piece of Rainbow

Here are the most popular plants and elements used in some of my favorite winter outdoor planters: Conifers such as Pine, Cedar, Spruce, etc.

Evergreen trees and shrubs such as Magnolia, Eucalyptus, Boxwood, Holly, Privet, etc.

Colorful berries from red, yellow to purple.


When choosing a container for an outdoor winter or Christmas planter, we need to consider the following-

Size: Is it the right scale for the space?

Material: Can it withstand the outdoor winter temperature, snow, rain, etc? For example, when we lived north of Seattle for 6 months, many terra cotta pots we brought from California cracked due to rain and freeze.

Get Creative: If you can find something you absolutely love, such as a real or faux stone urn, go for it. There are also many possibilities by putting durable plastic pots inside something more stylish. such as  or.

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